Honey Rose Toner


Toner is great to use as an alternative to soap that is less harsh – I like to use it 3 out of 4 nights instead of washing with soap. Unless you’re washing off make up, in which case I recommend washing with soap then finishing up with toner to get the last little bits. It’s also great to use to remove any excess dirt/oil before applying make up. It freshens, cleans, and moisturizes all in one, while feeding and protecting the skin.



Distilled water

Witch hazel (alcohol-free)

Rose water

Local organic apple cider vinegar

Organic aloe vera gel

Raw local honey

Colloidal silver

Organic jojoba oil

Geranium essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Germall plus

Organic tea tree oil

What Does “Saponified” Mean?

Saponification is the chemical reaction used in the soap making process. When the oils and fats are combined with lye (a strong alkali) they are called saponified. At the end of the process the lye is all gone, and you are left with just soap. To learn more about this, have a look at my blog post on the subject.


About “Filler” Oils

Cheaper oils are often used as a “filler” but I don’t use them because they don’t add much nutrient value to the soap.

I don’t use palm oil in any of my products, since its production is harmful to the environment, destroying critical habitat for many endangered species, as well as being linked with the eviction of forest-dwelling peoples. Find out more here.

I only use high quality oils and butters that are filled with beneficial nutrients for the skin. Learn more about this on my blog.